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Lifestyle Holdings

The group is well known for their malls which offer furniture, telecommunication products, mobile money transfer, card payment solutions, health care funding solutions, groceries, fast foods, clothing, pharmaceuticals and electrical goods. These services are offered under one roof and in a seamlessly integrated way.  With such investments under the same roof and the high level of traffic, a reliable security system had to be put in place. Fuzzy Electronics provided Lifestyle Holdings with a solution that help them protect their investment whilst monitoring customers and employees. The biggest project done to date for Lifestyle Holdings is the installation of over one hundred and twenty (120) cameras at their Fourth Street branch.

You can view Lifestyle holdings' website here  linkedin

TN Bank

With branches in almost every city and town across Zimbabwe TN Bank is emerging to be one of the powerhouses in the banking sector in Zimbabwe. Due to the high level of cash flow as well as large numbers of customers coming through the branches daily, a rigorous and reliable surveillance system was required to safeguard customers, employees and assets of TN Bank. Fuzzy Electronics came in to satisfy this need and we installed CCTV, Biometric Access Control and alarm systems at twenty six (26) TN Bank branches across Zimbabwe.

You can view TN Bank web here  linkedin

National Foods Ltd


National Foods’ milling history dates back to 1908 and today the company provides resources, technologies and manpower necessary to feed millions of people and animals in the country and throughout the region. Their milling operations, customers, employees and company assets needed to be secured and so Fuzzy Electronics installed surveillance and alarm systems at their depots. Towards the end of 2012 Fuzzy Electronics was engaged by National Foods for a massive roll out of security systems installations at twenty three (23) National Foods depots across Zimbabwe. At these depots fixed cameras were used, both IP and analog.  .

You can view National Foods's website here  linkedin

World Health Organisation Zimbabwe


With their Zimbabwe Head office in Highlands, Harare, W.H.O is one of the largest and long serving non-governmental organizations in the world. A need arose within their organization to secure their premises as well as employees and Fuzzy Electronics came to their rescue by providing a solution that met their need. This was done by installing a large number of IP cameras at their offices.

You can view who's website here  linkedin

Telecel Zimbabwe


At the country’s second largest Telecommunications Company, Fuzzy Electronics installed some cameras to monitor as well as safeguard their employees, customers as well as property.  We also installed some biometric access control readers at the doors of   some offices to restrict entrance to unauthorized people. The cameras that were installed at Telecel include both speed domes and fixed cameras with Infra-red. .

You can view Telecel's website here  linkedin

Pan African Mine


With a lot of activity that takes place at a mining environment, security is imperative. Muriel and Ayshire Gold mines, which operate under Pan Africa Mines, are involved in the mining of a high value mineral which is vulnerable to pilferage and theft from outsiders. Due to the high risks involved in their operations and the need to protect their premises 24/7 we provided them with a solution which monitors their gates, gold rooms, changing rooms, smelting rooms and all high risk areas. A total of sixty (60) cameras were installed and these include both speed domes and fixed cameras.

You can view PAM's website here  linkedin

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS)


After the unfortunate disappearance of a young boy at the Harare Agricultural Show in 2011, the ZAS authorities decided to tighten their security by introducing an electronic surveillance system. Fuzzy Electronics again managed to secure the tender of installing CCTV at the ZAS offices, all entrance and exit points. ZAS became the first exhibition park to use CCTV and plans to upgrade the system are underway.

You can view ZAS's website here  linkedin

Tobbacco Processors Zimbabwe (TPZ)


To monitor the high levels of activity that take place at this tobacco processing company Fuzzy Electronics installed a total of 33 cameras. The cameras installed include both IP and analog cameras.

You can view TPZ's website here  linkedin

Drysink Mining


Due to the high levels of risk involved in the company’s operations, having tight security at their premises was a necessity and Fuzzy Electronics satisfied this need by installing a total of 33 cameras at this diamond polishing company.  The cameras include both IP and analog cameras. A man trap was installed at the main entrance as well as biometric access control readers at the doors of their offices

You can view Drysink's website here  linkedin

BOKA Tobbacco Auction Floors


In the late 1990’s when Boka Auction Floors was built by the late Roger Boka, it was the largest auction floors in the world and it is still one of the largest in the region to date. Boka Tobacco Auction Floors is a hive of activity during the tobacco selling season. As one of the largest tobacco sales floors in the region a total of 25 high speed domes and fixed cameras with Infra-red were installed by Fuzzy Electronics to survey Boka’s massive auction floors.

You can view Boka's website here  linkedin

Angolan Embassy


Our solutions have proven to measure up to regional and international standards as evidenced by the clients that we have served. The Angolan Embassy is proudly using some biometric access readers that we installed at their offices and they are very happy with the performance of the system.

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